PET recycling

About PET Reciklaza

The increasing amount of plastic waste that can be found all around us requires solutions with long term strategies. Plastic waste in the form of different types of containers made of PET, PP, PE, HDPE or LDPE foils put incredible stress on the environment, but as it is 100 per cent recycable it provides valuable raw material for recycling.

Recycling plastic is recognized as the key solution to the biggest world's challenges: pollution reduction and environmental protection.

PET Reciklaza is the first and only PET recycling plant in Serbia which produces hot-washed PET flakes.

We have started PET recycling business in 2009., employed highly skilled technologists and experts in the field of recycling plastic and implemented the state of the art German and Italian technologies. 

We purchase PET and our 27 qualified employees are fully involved in PET recycling process, working at PET sorting, grinding and washing jobs.


After two years, thanks to the knowledge and passion of our professional staff and the latest European plastic recycling drives, we have rapidly achieved significant results and quickly turned plastic waste into profits.

We have reached a production capacity of 550 tons per month and now we are ready to satisfy all requirements of our partners all over the world and to guarantee them a constant level of high quality.

Our plans for 2012. are to improve transporters of raw materials and to install new PET grinding mill with double capacity of grinding, with a goal to increase production up to 660 tons per month.

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About PET Reciklaza products

Recycled PET is very similar to origin plastic material but it is less expensive and can be used as the raw material for the production of many products: in the packaging industries for bottles, strapping and sheets, in the textile industry for polyester fibers, in the automotive industry for plastic components, etc.

In our PET recycling factory, after strict separation of plastic according to their types we use pure source material and produce clear products in various colors.

We produce first class, high-quality recycled products which are demanded all over the world:


Hot washed PET flakes

  • green
  • blue
  • transparent
  • brown
  • opaque mix


Milled PET preforms (tubes)


Milled caps and labels


Polypropylene - caps


Hot-washed PET flakes, 3mm