Hot-washed PET flakes

PET dimensions

Hot washed PET flakes are of diameter: 8 – 12 mm

Types of hot-washed PET flakes

PET flakes in our offer are available in green, white and blue color, transparent, and the opaque mix.

transparent-pet-flakes blue-pet-flakes green-pet-flakes hot-washed-pet-mix brown-pet-flakes
hot-washed PET flakes
hot-washed PET flakes
hot-washed PET flakes
Opaque mix
hot-washed PET flakes
hot-washed PET flakes

The flakes are being washed in a washing drive at the 75 – 80 Celsius degree warm water with the addition of liquid detergent and caustic soda (NaOH). The flakes are afterwards dried and packed in 2,2m x 1m x 1m large bags of 1.000 kg average weight.

Flakes can be used for the production of:

  • fiber in textile industry
  • plastic bottles and containers for food storage
  • packaging in pharmaceutical industry
  • pipes of various profiles and purposes
  • asphalt in the construction industry

Sale conditions:

The delivery of the merchandise is EXV PET Reciklaza, Merošina after 100% advance payment.
Also, the delivery can be with our shipment (DDU - Delivery Duty) after 100% advance payment, but in that case the product price increases for transport costs.
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Minimum sale quantities:

  • 500 kg for testing purposes
  • 1.000 kg in commercial purposes

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