PET collector, Serbia

We invite you to become the collector of PET containers and join our collectors’ network. All individuals and legal entities residing in the territory of Serbia and Montenegro can become PET collectors.

What are the things you can collect?


plastic bottles for water, juice, beer, oil, yogurt

PE - polyethylene
plastic bags and foil


PP - polypropylene
plastic oil containers, bottles for chemical products, barrels

HDPE - polyethylene
hard foil, plastic bottle caps


LDPE - polyethylene
white thin foil used for bottle packs

How to become a PET collector?

  • If you wish to become an independent collector of plastic containers, find more detailed information on following link individual PET collectors
  • If you wish to collect PET commercially through your existing company or by starting one, find out more at PET collector as a legal entity

Once you have become our collector, we will organize free transport and purchase collected PET at the best purchase prices.
To find more about PET reciklaza factory click on Recycling in Serbia. You can also take a look at the list of our partners, PET collectors and flakes buyers, on the link References.