PET purchase prices

Become a collector of the PET waste now. Our network is covering the whole territory of Serbia. We invite you to join us in collecting, and we will purchase the PET you collect and put it in the recycling process immediately.

All the waste you collect will have a provided placement. Sign the cooperation contract with PET Reciklaza recycling factory, Serbia. That will provide you with guaranteed prices for PET waste, assistance for the purchase off necessary equipment, regional exclusivity and much more.

Prices for the purchase of waste

PET purchase prices are varying depending on the quantity, purity, contamination and many other factors. If you have the waste material you wish to sell us immediately, take a look at our minimum purchase prices for the period till 30th April. And to get better purchase prices, press PET.
If you have major quantities of waste or any questions for us, please contact Valentina Jovanović at 063/570177.

Material Minimum purchase price for April, 2012
unpressed unsorted PET 12.000 RSD per tone

pressed sorted PET



37.000 RSD per tone
29.000 RSD per tone
26.000 RSD per tone
25.000 RSD per tone
24.000 RSD per tone

unpressed unsorted PE 10.000 RSD per tone
pressed sorted PE 13.000 RSD per tone
HDPE call +381-63-570-177
PP call +381-63-570-177
ABS call +381-63-570-177