PET purchase Serbia

what-is-petDo you know what PET is?

To find out more about PET, where it could be used and how it should be treated in order to prevent the pollution of the environment, click on the button on your left.

What is meant by purchase of PET?

If you wish to contribute preserve the environment and help the collected PET enter the recycling process, contact us.


If you are:
  • communal service
  • recyclables waste yard
  • producer of PET containers
  • producer of juices, beer, or water
  • waste depot or individual collector
  • starting up commercial waste collection
  • simply concerned with your living environment and have collected PET containers
If you want us to purchase your PET call 063/570177 or e-mail us at My name is Valentina Jovanovic and I will provide:
  • Free transport of the collected waste from the territory of Serbia and Montenegro
  • Purchase of PET that you possess or can gather (minimum quantity is 100kg)
  • Always the most favorable purchase prices in the region
  • To get better purchase prices, press PET
  • The waste placement is guaranteed - all PET that you collect, we will purchase
  • Assistance with investments in collecting and pressing equipment

And, if you wish to be a part of our collector network, we invite you to join us and become a PET collector.
Click at References and take a look at list of our major clients.