PET Reciklaza raw materials storage

PET Reciklaza is recycling plant which purchases and transports collected plastic waste. Plastic waste which can be collected and processed can be:

PET – plastic bottles for water, juice, beer, oil, yogurt
PE – polyethylene – plastic bags and foil
PP – polypropylene – plastic oil containers, bottles for chemical products, barrels
HDPE – high density polyethylene – hard foil, plastic bottle caps
LDPE – low density polyethylene – white thin foil used for bottle packs

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We purchase raw materials for recycling process through our collectors’ network. We work both with individuals and companies involved in PET waste collection. To see the list of our largest suppliers please click on References.

Our PET recycling factory is located on 22.000m2 lot beside main road Nis - Prokuplje and capacity of raw materials storage is 1.000 tones of plastic waste. At this moment, we monthly collect 400 tones of PET bottles, but the capacity of our factory is higher and we can produce up to 550 tones of PET recycling products monthly.

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For PET Reciklaza company info click on Contact.
And if you have any questions for us, please send mail to or call +381-63-466-486. Our team is at your disposal.