PET Reciklaza recycling factory Serbia

PET Reciklaza is the first and only recycling factory in Serbia which produces hot-washed PET flakes.

PET recycling plant

In our plastic processing factory we have implemented the latest technologies for PET recycling, engaged experts in this field and launched production in 2009.

Two years after we started the production we have reached capacity of 550 tons per month of PET recycling products and now we are able to meet all requirements of our partners and deliver the required quantities in the shortest possible time

PET Reciklaza factory

Raw materials storage

PET recycling technologies

Team of employees

PET Reciklaza team is made up of 27 highly skilled technologists and qualified employees working at PET sorting, grinding and washing jobs.

Company management


Recycling process

We purchase, transport and storage collected sorted and unsorted PET. If the PET is not sorted according to its color, we perform sorting manually in the factory and then recycle it. Our final PET recycling products are packed in 1 tone jumbo bags and ready for sale.
PET processing