References: buyers of PET products

PET Reciklaza use pure source material in recycling process and produce quality clear PET recycling products in various colors.

We sell PET flakes and export all produced spots because there is no factory in Serbia which would further process them.

Some of our main PET recycling products buyers are:

  • ECOPLAST FIBER JSCo Yambol, Bulgaria
  • A.M.G. Plastics LTD, Israel
  • LA PLASTICA Salorno, Italy
  • ATEARJO SHp.k. Tirane, Albania
  • SILON s.r.o. Seizmovo Usti, Plana nad Lužnici, Czech Republic
  • Posrednictwo i akwizicja ART PRZEM I SPOŽ, Poland
  • 3PPlast, Milano, Italy


If you wish to purchase PET recycling products from PET Reciklaza, you can:

  • Fill the form and we will call you
  • Send us the product name that you want to order, quantities and your personal data to e-mail
  • To make a purchase by phone call +381-63-466-486